BEFORE I had even decided to take part in my first The Refashioners challenge I had spotted a vintage Biba floral suit which I just had to recreate and the two projects seemed like a perfect match.

I searched a lot(!) for a floral mens suit to tailor into this.  Unsurprisingly I didn't have much luck finding a unloved or secondhand mans floral suit, but once I was on the scent for a floral refashion I had to stick with it! 

I eventually found this ladies suit, although it is more of the type of suit your grandmother would wear. The plus side was that the label said Made in UK - I feel like theres more karma in repurposing something that was also originally made here. Even if it is 100% polyester.

I'm unsure what is more disturbing the suit, it's smell or my modelling?

AFTER going back to the drawing board as the suit clearly wasn't going to work I took the size 18 polyester 2 piece and created a 3 piece jacket, skirt and vest co-ord to be worn seperately and together.

I really feel like I have got my monies worth and created multiple outfit choices from one unloved pre-owned suit.

For the jacket I took in the side seams and sleeves and created lapels and a collar tailoring it more into a traditional style jacket.

The double layered skirt was drafted from one panel of the original skirt. I really love The Reformation style of this skirt and can envisage it being a key piece in my wardrobe this winter. This is definitely my favourite of the three.

The final part is the vest, created from the final skirt panel, a really simple piece that fits seamlessly with the skirt to create a 'dress' or can be worn with almost anything else - like my flared jeans! 

This challenge has really given me a taste for refashioning. I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about how wasteful sewing can sometime be, in the past sewn items that were not actually my style or fit and I end up never wearing them and giving them away, not to mention the fabric waste/scraps created from sewing.

Refashioning seems like a great median between sewing from scratch and buying RTW.  I certainly plan to hit up more charity shops soon to see what I can dig up.