PATTERN: Self drafted pattern 

FABRIC: White lace, refashioned from beach dress

After falling in love with this Self-Portrait dress, or maybe it was just the dream of being there!, I decided that I had to make myself a copy. Hunting down the perfect fabric proved tricky and in a moment of genius I decided to look at shops for something I could cut up and re-use. Luckily I found a good enough match online - although I'm not best pleased at the 'fast fashion' website I bought it from! The cotton lining fabric in peach/nude was bought from John Lewis. 

I sketched out the pattern and drew up the pattern pieces to my measurements and putting the dress together took no time at all after I made a toile. I even managed to salvage the straps, saving myself from making some bias binding!

Not a bad job in my opinion...although I'll have to make sure I don't get myself some floral tan lines on my stomach! 

Photos by Olly Cooper