PATTERN: Self drafted flares

FABRIC: Indigo Denim with Green Selvedge, The Village Haberdashery 

Here are the denim flares made over last weekend. They were a quick sew and I love working with denim, it's such a hardy fabric to sew with. I was originally going to use the Closet Case Patterns Ginger Jeans with the flares extension but for some reason I decided to take matters into my own hand. The Ginger Jeans flares were not going to cut the mustard and as you will see, I went for quite an exaggerated flare.  


I was inspired by these jeans from The Reformation and their new take on the zipper! So I too forewent the traditional, and saved myself the fly construction, by adding a bold exposed  zipper on the side and combined them with the silhouette of these jeans - how beautiful do they look!



I used the same trouser block as the Joplin Flares  which was drafted from the Aldrich Metric Pattern Cutting for Women's Wear book. I lengthened the waist to sit higher, slimmed the block through the thighs and flared out from the knee to the greatest width my fabric would allow.

Admittedly, I had some fitting issues in the back. After a number of alterations, plenty of unpicking, re-stitching and sewing in my pants the penny dropped when I simply lengthened the darts in the back. 

Finally I convinced myself the raw hem looked good enough to leave. This is probably because a. I hate hemming and b. I just wanted to wear and photograph my jean! But I think I will hem them now I've got that out of my system.


I've become obsessed with the silhouette of flares - I can't get enough of them and am three steps ahead planning the next pair(s)...